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The program was carried out interactively and it was seen that all the participants got high benefit from all the activities performed. They were eager to learn and then apply the newly learnt skills to their classes. They also started to create their own flipped classroom, developed and videotaped their sample lessons.

During the program; The participant teachers

  • Created lessons using technology to present knowledge
  • Found out the ways to create flipped classroom lessons
  • Managed time to assess learning objectives through flipping the classroom assessments
  • Got familiar with the gists about how the flipped classroom provides an environment for individualized learning
  • Created lesson plans for the assessment to be performed in the classroom
  • Covered the different types of activities a teacher could use to assess their flipped lesson
  • Got the gist of Differentiated Classroom
  • Understood the importance of group dynamic
  • Gained experiences in utilization of ICT in their teaching
  • Used different  virtual learning environments to be implemented in their classes
  • Improved  their  own teaching methods in relation to technology
  • Developed their ICT skills and make use of various Web 2.0 Technology tools and programmes.They were given the opportunity to try out and have practice and get feedback all the programmes introduced to them.
  • Worked on adaptation of the use of the tools to their teaching & learning situations & contexts
  • Focused on effective teaching strategies that encourage the active involvement of all students in productive educational environment
  • figured out the tips for how to develop strategies to improve the educational quality of their schools .