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Super Teachers of 21st Century

Super Teachers of 21st Century

Sessions in 2019


  • 04-08 March 2019 - Paris (Confirmed)


Integrating non-formal teaching methods into school curriculum and developing digital competences to support 21st century youngsters at schools

It is an obvious reality that we as teachers are in X-Y generation while our students come from y-z generation. There is a great generation gap between us and them. So they learn in a different way from us. Therefore we have to change our teaching and learning styles, we have to add modernity  to the way of implementing our profession and also we need to improve our horizon being international in our professional career.

Nowadays, the youth is engaged in the virtual World more day by day and they are getting lonelier. In order to transfer this asocial behavior to a more active and social one, we, as teachers need to renew ourselves both in digital World and also in the field of non-formal education. Non-formal education methods and digital capabilities will help us to be models in the class not just authority in front of the 21st century students.


This Course Has Three Critical Aims:

  • To teach the teachers how to motivate their students to learn and create
  • To get the teachers increase their competences in digital skills used in the educational environment
  • To integrate the teachers into the life long learning process


The reference point of this course is European Reference Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. Three of these competences will be focused on during the course programme. These are;

  • Digital competence,
  • Learn to Learn
  • Initiative and entrepreneurship


During this course we offer you the followings items:

New ICT tool which you can use in the classroom environment for each course day. We will give theoretical and practical information. Different icebreakers in different themes. In total it will be 10, 2 icebreakers for each day. 3 Teambuilding activities in 6 categories:

  1. Indoor activities,
  2. Outdoor activities
  3. Project workshops
  4. Musical activities
  5. Sport activities
  6. Art activities

We will learn about the pedagogical effects and positive sides of implementing these methods to the classroom environments. All the activities will be held in an interactive way.