We have started our course by finding out our learning styles through a small questionnaire. Following that, we have brainstormed about the term ‘adult learning’ and we created a mind map.

The concepts we have found in our mind map helped us understand deeply the notions of adult learning and adult education. In following days of our course, we learned about the history and current applications of Andragogy and Self-Directed Learning. Moreover, we have created real-life scenarios and applied principles of Andragogy in learning environments.

Our participants mostly dealing with adults in their professional life, so, applying assumptions of Andragogy to their teaching helped them to improve their personal and organizational life. On Wednesday, we went to see the Homeless Entrepreneur’s event in the streets of Barcelona and we had a chance to talk with the founder of the organization about adult learning and their activities. We concluded our course by focusing on critical and postmodern perspectives on adult learning, implications for adult learning theory and the characteristics of adult learners.

Finally our participants took a simple quick quiz via Kahoot to review the concepts we had learned over the past week. All participants did very well in the quiz and we finished the course by certification ceremony.


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