“Creative Thinking” and “Gaining Social Skills” 23-27 September 2019 – Barcelona

 This week, with our participants from Croatia and Romania, we had a teacher training course on how to develop our understanding on ‘Gaining Social Skills’ and ‘Creative Thinking’ in education.


By applying both theoretical and practical methods, our participants improved their knowledge on the power of positive communication, the strategic use of non-verbal communication, teaching empathy in the classroom and the important aspects of bullying at school.


Moreover, in order to enhance our participants’ capacity to teach entrepreneurship and foster creativity in the classroom, we emphasised the fact that creativity is a learned behaviour that can be thought and improved on. Thus, we have played various games in order to find our participants’ creative sides and to flourish their creative thinking in teaching. In addition, by exercising group activities, our participants had the opportunity to experience what is like to build something together and work in collaboration.


The most inspiring part of our training was our visit to a local school in Barcelona, Princess Margaret School. Our participants had a chance to get to know the Spanish kindergarten, primary and secondary school education system along with Princess Margaret School’s specific teaching and learning methods. In the second part of our visit, participants had the chance to observe and actively participate in few classes at different levels.


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