In an enriching cultural exchange, culinary enthusiasts and aspiring chefs gathered in Istanbul from March 20th to March 24th for a unique Erasmus+ event focused on Mediterranean cookery. The event, centered on job shadowing, offered participants an immersive experience in the vibrant culinary scene of the historic city, renowned for its fusion of flavors and diverse gastronomic heritage.

Organized as part of the Erasmus+ program, which promotes international cooperation and mobility in education, training, youth, and sport, the event brought together individuals from various European countries eager to delve into the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine.

Throughout the five-day program, participants had the opportunity to shadow experienced chefs, gaining firsthand insights into the techniques, ingredients, and traditions that define Mediterranean cooking. From bustling markets to renowned restaurants, the journey unfolded against the backdrop of Istanbul’s rich cultural tapestry, providing a holistic understanding of the region’s culinary landscape.

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