06-10 November 2023 - Valencia, Spain

14-18 October 2024 - Antalya, Turkey



Environmental Education & PBL is a training course for pre-school, primary, and secondary school teachers to provide environmental awareness, environmental management, and sustainable development education with Project-Based Learning. Through environmental education, students become lifelong stewards of their environment, responsible citizens, and understand the multifaceted relationship to the natural world. Integrating regular outdoor activity besides the indoor activity into a student’s learning and life experience is integral to achieving this vision. This education program can be considered as the first step of raising awareness and acting on the development of environmental literacy in students, environmental education in schools, and integration of project-based learning and environmental education to focus on sustainable environmental issues.

Learning Outcomes:

All the participants will:

- Understand the importance of environmental education

- Create and develop a new identity integrating with PBL and EE into the education system,

- Build a participatory structure for your students to get environmental literacy,

- Develop their students' problem-solving, and discussion skills as well as creative skills

- Use of initiative, ability to make decisions,

- Develop consciousness about five learning strands and sustainable environment goals

- Inspire and empower students

- Create leaders for change in their communities

- Develop responsible attitudes and commitment

- Lead to increased levels of confidence and motivation in PBL and EE

- Increase their students' participation in environmental actions

Objectives of the Course:

- Understanding environmental awareness, environmental management, and sustainable environment education,

- Teaching the habits that they will use to their students throughout their lifetime,

- Getting information about world, environment, and the resources,

- Analyzing steps of PBL and EE to integrate them into the school curriculum

- Designing lesson plans integrating PBL and EE into the curriculum at school

- Preparing an action plan


- Focusing on practical and skills-based interactive learning

- Creating immediate feedbacks

- Discussing best practices

- Working on hands-on activities

- Encouraging activities for students to create a new idea about environmental education

- Brainstorming

- Working in groups cooperatively

Target Group:

- Teachers, trainers, educators, school administrators, etc.


Before the course,

- A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate their level of experience, teaching backgrounds, and training will be completed by participants.

- They will also prepare a presentation to reflect their own teaching method.


- A course participation certificate will be given to all participants.

- A Europass Mobility Certificate will be given if the participant demands it, as well.


1st Day

Ice-breaking activities and introduction of the course program

Getting to know each other – Presentation of participants (a five-minute presentation)

Why is environmental education important?

What is PBL and what are the philosophical roots of PBL?

Discuss how to combine PBL and EE for a sustainable environmental education system at schools

2nd Day

Five Learning Strands

Systems thinking

Physical, living, and human systems

Interconnectedness of people and the environment

Personal and civic responsibility

3rd Day

Investigate, plan, and create a sustainable future

“environmental education” integrated with Project Based Learning

The contributions of PBL to Environmental Education

Examining the “Oregon Environmental Literacy” sample

Identifying real problems and working on sample lesson plans integrating PBL and EE into curriculum at school

4th day

Ways of setting up and maintaining curricular about Environmental issues

Designing projects fostering Creative Thinking & Problem-Solving skills

Exploring the appropriate assessment strategies in PBL and EE

Discussion of the strengths of PBL

EE in school systems achieve sustainable environment

5th day

Overview of the course program

Evaluation of the course program

Filling the feedback forms

Europass Mobility Certificate

Participation Certificate