•	26-30 August 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

• 26-30 August 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

(Confirmed) (DONE)
•	16-20 September 2019 Barcelona, Spain

• 16-20 September 2019 Barcelona, Spain

•	09-13 March 2020 - Vilnius, Lithuania

• 09-13 March 2020 - Vilnius, Lithuania

•	20-24 July 2020 – Barcelona, Spain

• 20-24 July 2020 – Barcelona, Spain

•	24-28 May 2021 – Barcelona, Spain

• 24-28 May 2021 – Barcelona, Spain

•	15-19 March 2021 - Vilnius, Lithuania

• 15-19 March 2021 - Vilnius, Lithuania


Effective Methods of Encouraging Involvement into Volunteering

In the “Effective Methods of Encouraging Involvement into Volunteering” course, the emphasis has been placed on planning, recruiting, training, managing and evaluating to improve organizational process of NGO in order to optimize volunteers’ potential, achievement and success. This program was designed universal in order to fit in volunteers frame notwithstanding their background or involvement strategies. Approaches, methods and techniques have been tested with different audiences and age groups. This course is mainly for the management staff of NGOs.


Learning Outcomes:

All the participants will:

  • Focus on Cultural factors, management strategies, economical aspects to motivate volunteers in taking part in
  • Identify the Legal aspects of cooperation with volunteers
  • Learn about the effective techniques and methods of organization and management of volunteering in the company
  • Learn about how to motivate people to social activities and to integrate the employees into voluntary activities
  • Find out the best ways of encouraging and rewarding volunteers
  • Focus on Governmental support for volunteers in Spain
  • Organize a visit to an organization working with volunteers and give an opportunity to make a short film about volunteers and their work during the visit

Objectives of the Course:

  • Planning mission and assessing organization
  • Developing volunteer program
  • Describing volunteer positions
  • Getting familiar with recruiting; assessing image, deciding how to recruiting, developing message, finding volunteers
  • Getting familiar with training; developing orientation program, conducting orientation
  • Analyzing NGO and planning process of the NGO
  • Getting familiar with managing; assign a supervisor, communicating with volunteers


  • Identifying the concept of Effective Methods of Encouraging Involvement into Volunteering
  • Designing the program and evaluation
  • Providing immediate feedbacks
  • Brainstorming
  • Discussing the parts of methods and involvement
  • Working in groups cooperatively

Target Group:

  • All kind of volunteers, trainers, educators, NGO members, etc.


Before the course,

  • A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate their level of experience, teaching backgrounds and training will be completed by participants.
  • They will also prepare a presentation to reflect their own techniques and methods to encouarge people to take part in volunteering events.


  • A course participation certificate will be given to all participants.
  • A Europass Mobility Document will be filled together according to the skills and competences to be gained during the course by participants


1st Day

  • Getting to know each other, presentation of participant organizations
  • Ice breaker and team building activities
  • Planning
  • Define your mission
  • Assess your organization
  • Develop your volunteer program
  • Describe volunteer positions

2nd Day

  • Recruiting
  • Assess your Image
  • Decide how to recruit
  • Develop your message
  • Find volunteers
  • Select volunteers
  • Screen volunteers (new and innovative strategies to motivate volunteers)
  • Training
  • Develop your orientation program
  • Assign orientation leaders
  • Schedule orientation
  • Develop material
  • Conduct the orientation
  • Training your volunteers (find out the most effective ways and methods to train volunteers)

3rd Day

  • Visit to an NGO and meeting the members – some ice breaking activities
  • Discussing the planning process of the NGO for a campaign
  • Define the roles of the management staff and volunteers
  • Try to find out the recruiting process of the NGO
  • Discuss how they train the volunteers to organize successful campaigns
  • (A film of the NGO’s work will be developed during the visit)

4th day

  • Managing
  • Assign a supervisor
  • Communicate with volunteers regularly (effective ways of communication)
  • Evaluate your volunteers (various and effective ways and methods of evaluation)
  • Avoid volunteer burnout
  • Recognize your volunteers’ efforts and find best ways to reward their efforts

5th day

  • Evaluating
  • Describe your program
  • Design the evaluation
  • Collect data
  • Analyze the data
  • Report results
  • Evaluation of the course program
  • Filling the feedback form
  • Europass Mobility Certificate