20-25 March 2023 - Valencia, Spain


11-15 March 2024 – Budapest, Hungary



Through the use of multimedia authoring tools, traditional educational materials can now be converted into interactive electronic formats thanks to the recent infusion of multimedia technology into the educational sector. This has made it possible for teachers to create multimedia pieces, combine them, and choreograph them in a logical order to deliver the lesson in a hands-on, multisensory learning environment. Thus, the traditional “chalk-and-talk” approach to teaching and learning is being replaced by a strategy that leverages multimedia as the instructional material and a platform for teaching and learning.


Learning Outcomes:

All the participants will:

- Learn what multimedia is.
- Understand the importance of multimedia in education
- Learn multimedia tools to be able to use in education
- Be able to create contents on Multimedia tools for teaching and learning
- Turn abstract concepts into concrete contents
- Present information within a limited time with less effort with multimedia
- Remove the barriers of using multimedia in education


Objectives of the Course:

- Learning the multimedia
- Adding the multimedia to education
- Understanding the importance of multimedia in education
- Learning and using multimedia tools
- Creating contents for education on tools which can be regarded as multimedia



- Identifying Multimedia
- Creating teachers’ team
- Working in groups cooperatively
- Designing things with multimedia tools
- Practicing Multimedia tools in the scope of the designed projects

Target Group:

- Teachers, trainers, educators, school administrators, etc.


Before the course,

- A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate their level of experience, teaching backgrounds, and training will be completed by participants.
- They will also prepare a presentation to reflect their teaching method.


- A course participation certificate will be given to all participants.
- A Europass Mobility Certificate will be given if the participant demands it, as well.


1st Day

Ice-breaking activities and introduction of the course program
Getting to know each other – Presentation of participants (a five-minute presentation)
Introduction to multimedia
History of Multimedia
Correlation between education and multimedia

2nd Day

Multimedia tools (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.)
Creating contents for posts,
Creating of blogs for Education
Getting information about how education has evolved through multimedia
Benefits of multimedia in education

3rd Day

What kind of multimedia element matches with education?
Connection between multimedia tools with the students
Application of multimedia tools into classroom
Getting to know multimedia tools in detail: Photos, graphics, motion graphics,
Getting to know multimedia tools in detail: Animation, Video, Audio,


4th day

How do teachers need to use Multimedia programs for the purpose of Education?
- the design quality and sophistication of multimedia application must be high
How to use the applications to provide students with stimulating experience by delivering information for better understanding of concepts?
What factors influence whether using multimedia for teaching is successful or unsuccessful?
Barriers to multimedia use in teaching and learning
- resistance to the adoption of ICT
- lack of teachers' confidence in the use of technology
- resistance to change on the part of teachers
- a lack of ICT skills
- lack of access to ICT resources
How can teachers and school administration remove these barriers?

5th day

Overview of the course program
Evaluation of the course program
Filling the feedback forms
Europass Mobility Certificate
Participation Certificate