13-17 November 2023 - Budapest, Hungary

21-25 October 2024 - Istanbul, Turkey



One of the most ancient skills of humanity is fairy tale and storytelling. Through stories and fairy tales, children were prepared for the future and materials were provided to them in building the future. Today, fairy tales and stories are included in every social environment, especially in educational environments.

In commercial life, it is widely seen that those who discover the power of the story use this power to convince people. There is no effective speech so that when the story is boring, it is difficult to understand. Stories are the best way to strengthen the narration, to be instructive and not to bore the audience.

Learning Outcomes:

All the participants will:

- be able to teach their students more effectively

- have different hardware

- realize the effective and mysterious world of fairy tales

- recognize subliminal messages of fairy tales

- be able to do educational training

- be able to develop their ability to convince with the power of the story

- be able to motivate their learners to express themselves more confidently

- encourage them to think more creatively

- unleash the entrepreneurial skills of students

Objectives of the Course:

- Getting familiar with the concepts of storytelling

- Identifying the types of stories and fairy tales

- Discussing the effects of stories on students

- Focusing on the ways of using storytelling as a tool in education

- Analyzing pedagogical approaches to use storytelling in education


- Focusing on practical skills based interactive learning

- Creating immediate feedbacks, hands on activities and inspiring discussions on best practices

- Working in group cooperatively

- Brainstorming

Target Group:

- Teachers, trainers, educators, school administrators, etc.


Before the course,

- A detailed pre-course questionnaire to indicate their level of experience, teaching backgrounds, and training will be completed by participants.

- They will also prepare a presentation to reflect their own teaching method.


- A course participation certificate will be given to all participants.

- A Europass Mobility Certificate will be given if the participant demands it, as well.


1st Day

Ice breaking activities and introduction of the course program

Getting to know each other – Presentation of participants (a five-minute presentation)

What is Story and Fairy Tale?

Basic Elements and Structure of the Story

Basic Elements and Structure of Fairy Tale

2nd Day

Selected Works from World Stories and Tales

Educational function of fairy tales and stories

Preparing the Story and Fairy Tale Environment

Story and Storytelling

Story and Storytelling Techniques

3rd Day

How can we improve ourselves in story and storytelling?

Literature on Story and Fairy Tale

Academic Studies on Story and Fairy Tale

Imagination Development Activities

Use of Stories and Tales in Educational Environments

4th day

Stories and Tales Used in Value Education

The story and its effect on the subconscious

Story and Fairy Tale

Writing Activities

Subliminal messages of fairy tales

5th day

Overview of the course program

Evaluation of the course program

Filling the feedback forms

Europass Mobility Certificate

Participation Certificate