Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, the trainee

Carries out occupational health and safety measures.
Writes LADDER programs according to circuit rules.
Writes program using PLC commands.
Makes a wind power plant production forecast in accordance with the plant capacity.
The SCADA monitoring of the power plant is carried out periodically.
Performs inventory monitoring of wind power plant at determined intervals.
Communicates the wind power plant with the load dispatch center.
In the framework of legal obligations, Takes permission and performs wind power maneuvering maneuvers.
Carries out the maintenance of wind power field and power transmission line of wind power plant in the framework of legal notification without interruption of production.
Transfers the operating information of the wind power plant to the authorized units in accordance with the procedure.
Manages the engine room, turbine hub (HUB), wing, tower and power units according to the intervals specified in the manufacturer’s manuals.
Cleans the wind power unit.
Selects PLC equipment and peripherals.
Uses the PLC programming editor.
Uses commands of PLC commands according to software rules.
Programs the touch screen in accordance with the demands specified in the project.
Establishes automation network systems in accordance with the power plant project.
Makes SCADA software for monitoring of power plant during production
Controls the motors with the drivers.
Monitors the electrical systems at the wind power plant at determined intervals.
According to the method determined in the installation of the system, Monitors the the wind power plant’s movement systems.
Makes SCADA applications in wind power plant

1st Week

Providing professional development in Renewable Energy Technologies,
Renewable energy systems,
Small wind turbines installation in renewable energy systems

2nd Week

Drawing technical and professional drawings,
Using electrical and electronic information related to profession,
Building wind turbines

3rd Week

Operating of wind turbines,
Automation of wind turbines,
Electricity, motion and Scada applications of wind turbines,
Computerized control of wind turbines,
Computer aided three-dimensional modeling of wind turbines