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Creating Our Eco-Schools is a training course for pre-school, primary, and secondary schools teachers to provide environmental awareness, environmental management, and sustainable development education for their students. Through the participatory approach, students in the school learn about environmental issues and take an active role in raising awareness of their families, local governments, and NGOs on environmental issues. Eco-school teachers will take a role in ensuring environmental awareness in other parts of the society, going beyond the teaching of classroom teachers. The most important and integrative factor is student participation again. Students are our valuable future, and a clean and green World is the only thing that we can give to them as a treasure. This course will help teachers to teach students the habits they will use throughout their lifetime and influence their achievement, as far as the environment is concerned.

We all know that trees are cut for paper making, stone and sand are used for making glass, and packaging materials are still being used for the production of natural resources, we all know that our natural resources are not endless, but every production end of natural resources is running low and if one is harmed the nature, we can say goodbye to my natural resources. Teachers and school administrators who are aware of this situation want to teach their students about recovering waste, preventing waste of resources, to prevent energy crises that may be experienced in the future.