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In this training, participants will take the theoretical and practical training in the field of mind and intelligence games which contribute to the development of reasoning, visual-spatial thinking, creativity, strategy development, planning, problem-solving, attention concentrating, and effective use of short continuous.

Intelligence games are for children to improve their intelligence while they have fun, open their minds, and learn something new. Children can develop their existing mental and cognitive abilities through these games, as well as gain new abilities. Intelligence games to children; quick decision making, thinking, and predicting the next stages, calculating probabilities, and gaining the ability to use logic effectively and competently. These games not only improve children’s abilities but also prevent them from getting bad habits. Teaches to act as planned, fast, and accurate decision-making. It shows how to approach events and situations from different angles, and how different interpretations can be made. Affects and improves personality and character positively. As the child learns in his intelligence games and starts gaining his intelligence by using his knowledge and skills, his confidence increases. They have the opportunity to measure their skills, knowledge, and intelligence. He knows himself and his limits. He sees the missing aspects and thinks about what he can do to improve. On his own, he learns to decide independently and take responsibility for the decision he makes. Because brain games require high concentration, the child gains the ability to concentrate his / her attention and concentrate on a single task while playing these games.

This helps the child to concentrate while studying or listening to his / her teacher at school. Children who see intelligence and knowledge work will work to improve them. Seeing other possibilities exist will give the child the habit of considering situations and events, and the possibility of considering other possibilities. Thus, not rote; the investigator will adopt a questioning approach. These investigations and inquiries will also help to improve the creativity of the child, making it more successful and making a difference in life. It allows him to learn new things and thus grow up as a self-confident individual.