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You can choose the best course among more than 50 courses for tou to fullfill the objectives of your project…


All our network schools in different countries, we can arrange the best job shadowing activities for your group of teachers.

Group Mobility of School Pupils

Based on their needs, we can organize 5 or 7 day mobilities for your students and support them improve their skills..

Vocational Education & Training Programs

TRAINING ENVIRONMENT All the VET programs we offer will match youths and young adults with the best work placement so that they can develop real skills that will lead to…

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Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

This course is a kind of teacher training course which aims to support school staffs with develop their professional skills,



Bullying behaviors, whether virtual or face-to-face, have negative impacts not only on victims and survivors, but on bullies too. They

Designing Future Classroom

Designing Future Classroom

The changing and developing world conditions lead to transformations in educational environments as well as in many other fields. This


Job Shadowing Activities & Vet Internships

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Preschool philosophies,

Primary School,

Elementary School,

High School,

Vocational Training Center,

Adult Education,

Spacial Education

(Hearing Impaired – Autism – Visually Impaired – Mild Mental Disabilities)

Are you looking for job shadowing for your Erasmus+ KA1 project?

"Social Studies" internship program

Our interns from Belgium completed their "Social Studies" internship program in April 2022 in Turkey. They managed their programs at various work placements and learned a lot. We wish them all great success in their professional lives.

 Anatolia VET always welcomes youngsters and supports them to improve their professional and social skills by organizing social and cultural activities as well as designing the best work placement programs for them.

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