Job-Shadowing Activity in Reims,France

Teachers from different countries met in France and did their Job-shadowing activities in Reims. They observed and learned many things

Job-Shadowing Activity in Malaga,Spain

Seven teachers from Latvia did their Job-shadowing activities in Malaga, Spain. The topic was "Meditarrenaen Foods". They observed and learned

Internship Experience in the Field of Marketing in Istanbul,Turkey

13 Romanian students completed their internship in the field of marketing, exporting, and importing in İstanbul between the dates of

Erasmus-Internship Experience at a Kindergarten in Afyon,Turkey

Students with accompanying teachers from Romania participated in our Erasmus VET(Vocational Educational Training) activity in Afyon, Turkey. They learned a

“Social Studies” internship Program

Our interns from Belgium completed their “Social Studies” internship program in April 2022 in Turkey. They managed their programs at

IT internship with Anatolia

Between the dates 27/06/2022 and 08.07.2022, Anatolia Education and Consulting, Afyonkarahisar, TURKEY have hosted the students from the Colegiul National